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Meet My Heroes

No Koder is an island
I strongly rely on my ohana, friends, mentors and guides to get to where I want to be.

Mark Lassoff with Framework Television is my Coding Hero and favorite instructor. His teaching style, clear articulation, great energy, fun projects and step-by-step training, makes it easy to expand my programming skills. His instant response to my many questions, and willingness to re-iterate when needed, are greatly appreciated.

Mark has helped me to grow from the basic/intermediate levels towards the "awesome" and "impressive" levels, and he has my total admiration and respect. I can't wait to see what he offers next to help me further improve my skills.

Russell Robinson with Tectite is my PHP Hero! His patience over my learning curve, and willingness to help me understand and find the answer, is totally appreciated. Russell's Form Mail program is easily (with a Hero Mentor) placed onto the website, is safe to use, and makes the recaptcha fun to play with.

I'm still a beginner with PHP, but Russell helped me to overcome my fear of the language and look good doing it.

Brad Hussey with Code College is my Design Hero! Brad taught me to look at the overall design and grids in a much different light. His focus on the user experience and simple design concepts has been great. Brad has also shown me some wonderful tools to help my graphics look better than ever.

Brad's fun asides between lectures keeps me staying around to see what will happen next.

From the other Land of Rainbows – Ireland – Denis Coleman with InnoChan Solutions is my Motivational Hero! Over the years, Denis has encouraged me when I thought I couldn't continue, empathized with me when I was in pain, steered me back on path when I forgot where I was going, believed in me when I was full of doubt, and cheered for my every success.

Denis is a great life-coach and a wonderful friend.

Alex Shortsleeve is my Hawaiian Superman! When I told him many years ago that I didn't know how, but someday I would become rich and famous, he decided to marry me (and he doesn't really mind that my becoming rich and famous hasn't happened yet).

When he wanted to return to school and pursue his degree, he let me choose the university and brought me to paradise.

Now that Alex has accepted the position as a Senior e-Learning Specialist in San Clemente, he's helping me to expand my company "From the Islands To the West Coast".

I can't wait to see what my Superman does next.

I have more heroes than I have time and space to mention,
but none of you are forgotten and all of you are appreciated.

Thank you to All of my Heroes for being Awesome!